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Remote Community Micro Grids

Providing a reliable energy supply to remote communities presents some unique challenges. Multiple users, highly variable loads and complex management structures underline the importance of a thorough consultation phase to inform the system design process. Then there are logistical challenges due to long distances and constrained supply networks for maintenance and backup.

However, these challenges are not unique to renewable energy systems. Communities relying solely on diesel for all their energy needs face the same problems, on top of this is the ongoing cost of highly priced fuel. In the long term, a solar Remote Area Power System is the more reliable and economic option for community energy supplies.

Saltwater Solar supplies custom-designed user friendly power monitoring and control systems and provides thorough training to a nominated Power Station Manager, as well as easy-to-use system manuals and explanatory charts to residents. All components have long warranties, and a maintenance schedule is typically agreed as part of the initial investment.

Arnhem Land

The remote communities of Arnhem Land offer a unique insight into indigenous life in Australia, away from the  busy streets and dependable power of the city. Over the past decade, Oliver and the Saltwater Solar team have invested themselves in building and maintaining solar systems, providing access to clean and consistent power for First Nations communities. Some of these places are difficult to access and are far away from any grid-connected power. Recently, the team built a new off-grid system in Dhudupu, close by to the local town of Galiwin’ku. This system has the capacity to power the houses of Dhudupu, providing lighting, refrigeration, and other power needs. Systems like these are essential not only for the community’s wellbeing, but also to encourage more people to live in these areas, maintaining the culture and traditions of the land that have been passed down through generations. Saltwater Solar is involved is many different solar projects across Arnhem Land, engaging with people and helping to provide insight into power and solar use.

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