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Energy Technology for People's Plans

Saltwater Solar has been powering homes, businesses and local communities with clean, low cost energy for over a decade.

We provide custom renewable energy systems to match customer needs. We design, supply, install and maintain systems for remote communities and outstations, farms, ranger outposts and cattle stations, on and off-grid homes, small and large commercial sites and specialist projects.

We work in collaboration with Territory organisations to help them supply their own remote energy requirements. We have ongoing relationships with several community organisations managing remote sites including Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation, Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation, Jilkminggan Community Aboriginal Corporation, as well as many off-grid homes and businesses.

Saltwater Solar also has many years of experience connecting homes and businesses to the grid to dramatically reduce their electricity costs. Warehouses, apartment buildings, shops, clinics and factories can all still save heaps of money by supplying their own daytime energy demands with solar on their roof. Payback is often under two years.

Low in hype. High in self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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