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Saltwater Solar is a small business focussing on custom-designed renewable energy systems to meet needs of individual customers. With more than 10 years in this now maturing industry, we can offer experience and advice, as well as technical knowledge. We operate in the space where humans and machines meet, and work to smooth out the kinks in these sometimes frustrating relationships - to benefit both parties (you and the machine, that is). We don't just offer products, but stategies to plan for a well balanced energy future.

Saltwater Solar was started in Geelong, Victoria, in 2006 by Oliver Crowder, after completing a 2 year TAFE course in Electrotechnology - Renewable Energy. Initially repowering yachts with wind and solar energy - which was rapidly reducing in cost at the time. As interest grew in renewable energy, focus changed to grid-connect and remote area power systems. Oliver partnered with solar educators, enthusiasts and installers to implement RAPS solar energy systems up and down the Victorian coast as well as inland Victoria. As rapid industry growth turned solar into big business - and a political football - Oliver rode out the "solar coaster" installing 100s of grid connect solar systems for established industry veterans including Going Solar and Radiant Energy.

Now based in Darwin since 2015, Saltwater Solar focusses on solving power supply equations for remote area customers, as well as commercial and residential energy use optimisation and production. From Darwin to Mataranka, a long way from the highway, people are slowly but surely recognising the benefits of their new local solar guru and his small team of experts.

Oliver Crowder

CEC accreditation - A1357959

CERT 4 - Electrotechnology - Renewable Energy

BA - Sustainable Development


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ABN:  72 021 206 849

Factory 6, 110 Reichardt Road, Winnellie, Northern Territory,


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