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Energy Planning

Over more than a decade of trading, we have tried out many products from a wide range of renewable energy systems manufacturers. Some very good and some not so good experiences over the years have allowed us to hone down the range of equipment we use in our own systems. So our customers will not be test cases themselves. Equipment is selected from field experience for rugged design and user-friendliness, reputation, manufacturer after-sales support and long warranties. And then their is value. Not purchase price, but long-term value. Solar systems are built to last more than 25 years, and often paying a little bit more in the first instance, makes for a much cheaper system after the first few years of trouble-free energy supply.

Demand Side: Loads Assessment

If we are to be smart about planning our energy goals the first thing we need to do is to get a clear picture of our energy needs. We can approach this in several ways:

  • A thorough written audit of all consumer loads – a record of all appliances with their wattages and observed or estimated times of use. This is typically completed by the customer with advice and assistance from Saltwater Solar.

  • Information from electricity meter and historical electrical bills, where available.

  • The use of a specialised energy use data logger. This device is installed beside the switchboard with several current meters - depending on the size of the electrical installation – and gives us an accurate analysis of where and when energy is being used in your home or business.


Saltwater Solar will compile all the information available from these sources and analyse this to focus on the relevant data, which then becomes the primary document to inform the subsequent design process.

Supply Side: Resource Assessment
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