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Offgrid but online

Up in the hills, miles from the grid and the highway, in a bend in a seasonal creek, the power is back on again. After 10 years of solar living, it was a good time to completely upgrade the system to meet the growing needs of this growing little family. And we have even found a home for all the high quality but now undersized existing components (Including 2 kw of solar, Plasmatronics PL60 regulator, and a now classic PS1 3kw inverter/charger). But no matter how remote we go, its like now we can no longer escape the internet. So it is approriate for Saltwater Solar's first NEWS item in our renovated website that this OFF-grid system is going ON-line. The customer and our tech team will be able to monitor and control the Selectronics SP Pro inverter/charge from wherever we are in the world. Great for system diagnosis and peace of mind. Ever wanted to check on the battery SOC, daily ins and outs and perhaps start the generator while sitting on a beach in Bali? Now you can.

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